Have you experienced the difference while using a local headphone and a branded one? Have you still stuck to the headphones that came complimentary with your Smartphone? It’s time to dive into the branded headphones market with a lot of additional features to serve you well.

A brand is not the only thing to be considered while buying headphones. But it is the most important thing to think. There are plenty of brands available in the market. You have to research thoroughly before purchasing a pair from any of these Brands. The most important things to be concerned about is the durability, the comfort, the sound quality and the design.

Brands matter but you need to know which brand is good at what.

  • You wouldn’t want to buy a headphone from a brand that generally makes shoes, like Puma?
  • You might want to go for Apple earbuds. However, did you know that Bose designs Apple earbuds?
  • buying the right branded headphone though offers you the quality and reliability you need.

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The Science behind Headphones

The headphones are not only concerned with the sound quality, but also with features like automatic volume control, noise-cancellation, sound-isolation, and additional features like a bass enhancer. These features vary from brand to brand because of the science behind its manufacturing.

Here are some components of headphones that are accurately engineered by good brands. The leading brands are focused on everything including the design, the comfort, the weight, and the functionality.

Let’s take a look at the components of the headphone.

  • Drivers: Drivers are used to converting the electrical signals into audible sound signals. There are various types of driver used in the headphones including the moving coil drivers, balanced armature headphones, and electrostatic headphones. The branded headphones come with good quality drivers to produce a good sound quality.
  • Jack: Jack is the hard piece at the end of the cable in a wired headphone. It plugs into your phone or any other device and completes the electric circuit. It comes with a twist and bending joint near the cable.
  • Cable: The wire in the wired headphones is coated with rubber or a nonconductive material. The cable can be a single cable or the Y-cable (double-sided cable). It is long and flexible. For a better quality of sound experience, wireless should be the suitable material. Branded headsets come with the Excellente quality of cabling in their products.
  • Headphone Cushions: These are the soft cushions that cover the speakers. Bufferin provides comfort. Branded cushions are more comfortable. They come with a solid and a gentle grip. The leading brands are focused on the shape and design of the cushions.
  • Headbands: It is a hard piece that you can comfortably wear on your head with over-ear headphones. It serves no role in sound quality, but branded headbands are lighter than their local counterparts.

Features that create s difference

So, what is it that you need to look for when it comes to buying a branded headphone or earbud? What is it that can make the difference between an unbranded one and one that speaks of customer loyalty and brand recognition? Here is a look.

Noise Cancellation: This feature is a must for your pair of headphones for travelling and high-quality music experience. This feature usually comes with over-ear headphones. A good brand headphone offers noise-cancelling feature with almost every product.

The phenomenon used behind this feature is called the destructive interference. However, generally, we see that over the head earphones aren’t that great when it comes to noise cancellation as in-ear ones – with a few exceptions, of course.


Weight and Comfort: If you are using it for an extended period, the comfort is the first thing you should concentrate on before buying a headphone. The ear pads should exert less pressure on your ears. The good Brands are focused on the weight and comfort more. The on-ear headphones get uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

The headbands of branded earbuds are lighter in weight than the local ones. You would also want to see whether the headphones stick around. Some of the wireless in-ear headphones, for instance, are known to fall out from your ear when you aren’t careful.


Durability: The branded headphones offer a long-term warranty. You may find local earbuds last for six months or 1 year. It is always nice to have a durable gadget.


Special feature Headphones: You can find a good range of only feature headphones including DJ headphones, Gaming Headphones, Fashion Headphones and sports headphones. The better you search, the better you get in the field of special feature headphones. These fantastic products are the customized headphones that you will never find a local brand.
These Branded headphones are highly featured and are compatible with the latest technology operating systems.


Microphones: Microphones are used for voice chatting and voice recording. It is also used with Gaming headphones to talk to the other player in the multiplayer game. The branded headphones come with excellent quality microphones. Microphones have usually come with on-ear headphones, but some brands offer mics with wireless headphones. You can also find brands that come with built-in microphones instead of an external one.


Wireless Headphones: The Bluetooth technology based wireless headphone is widely used nowadays. It has a battery powered receiver instead of the cables to connect the device. These are easier to handle than the wired headphones. You can find many brands that offer in-ear and on-ear wireless headphones. You should check the Bluetooth connectivity before buying a pair for you.



The right branded headphone can help make the right mark – you would know just what you need and can listen to music anytime – whether you are travelling or just sweating it out in the gym.
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