Overseas travel

Overseas travel, whether it be for business or pleasure can sometimes be overpowering. Without careful planning and considerations, you could end up with many surprises. The real surprises are great, but it is the bad ones you want to avoid. Here are some tips to avoid the bad surprises and making your travel overseas a comfortable and memorable one.

First of all, choose a popular airline that has had years of experience flying to the destination of your choice.

experience flying to the destination

Nowadays, several airlines have partner airlines that they do business with, and so your trip overseas may comprise of flying one leg of the journey in one airline and the second leg with another airline. In cases like these, make sure BOTH airlines are reputable. Additionally, you want to ensure that there is sufficient time between the arriving time of the first air and the departing time of the second airline. Consult with the airline office ahead of time regarding their policy on accommodations in case the second shuttle takes off before the first lands. Many reputable companies will pay for a hotel room and meals while you wait for the next connection. Missed connections are by far the biggest headaches for overseas travelers, and you do not want to be arguing with the airline offices in the midst of the crisis. Pre-planning is always helpful.

Secondly, find out the correct rate of currency exchange before your travel and see if you can get a small amount of money exchanged for various expenses as soon as you land at your destination.

Get to know ahead regarding approximate taxicab fares and rates for meals and such at your destination so you are budgeting properly for your trip and at the same time do not get overcharged at every step of the way just because the locals know that you are a tourist. Keep a list of credit card numbers for the credit cards that you plan to carry and also make a notation of the phone to call and cancel and get replacement cards just in case your wallet or purse gets stolen. Traveler’s checks are a convenient and safe way to carry money, and there are several sources to get these from.

exchange before your travel

Thirdly, learn some of the basics of the local language of the place you are planning to go to.

You do not need to become an expert, but knowing the basics of the tongue, especially the emergency terms such as heart pain, stomach pain, need a doctor, calling the police, requiring an ambulance, etc. can be of great help especially under dire circumstances. Try to see if you can give your whereabouts and local contact data to friends and family back home every day so they know about your safety and any special needs that you may end up having. These tips are likely to make your overseas travel safe and enjoyable.