Starting a blog

Starting a blog of any kind isn’t an easy task. In a matter of fact, it is known as ‘’sweet pain’’. You will love what you do and you will have a great time, but you will also have issues, problems, and difficulties. Anyway, starting a blog is doable and you can do it right now!

The first step: Blog preparation

Before anything else, you will have to get a domain, which is basically a name of a blog. Then you must purchase hosting (the place where the blog will be on the web). Make sure to choose a unique name, because there are plenty of blogs with complicated or similar names. Top tip: When choosing to host, make sure you get a package with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

Once you are done, install Word Press and get yourself an amazing theme. Customize it and start writing. Maybe all of this sounds complicated, but each step requires 2-3 minutes to be completed!



Begin writing about carefully chosen topics

Now when the foundation of your blog is completed, you will have to start writing. Obviously, blogging is all about writing. If you already travel, you can include the personal experiences in a blog. On the other hand, if you are not, do a proper research and start writing about interesting places.


The main idea is to offer to your readers something extraordinary, not something they can get on any website. To do so, check out the, most popular travel destinations. Ignore the top 5-6 of them, simply because they are already covered by more advanced blogs and travel websites!

Full-time traveling is a hard work, rather than vacation

Eventually, you will have to start traveling full-time in order to acquire new topics for your blog. Here you must know a few things. Treat each travel as you really experience it and write only the truth. Place yourself as a traveler who is just a beginner and you will give the most answers travelers actually need.

Full-time traveling

For example, most travel blogs begin by saying ‘’you will come to Singapore’’ but just a few of them explain how you can actually get there! Accommodations, prices, food, partying and exotic places must be covered, regardless of where you are at the moment. A proper travel blogger can present Siberia as a great place to visit.

SEO, Traffic, and AdSense

SEO is essential for this niche. It will help you get or traffic over a shorter period of time. Choose any of the keyword tools out there (Google trending, Google planner, KW finder and etc.). Don’t fill the content with keywords or search engines will ban the content!

Once you have 30-50 posts, apply for AdSense. It is a Google’s platform for displaying ads on your blog. They will pay you according to the number of visitors/clicks. Don’t apply if you have less than 20 posts or Google will reject your application.


Once you mastered all of these points, you will have a travel blog which is popular, useful and helpful to the travelers.