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For you who don’t know, house sitting is a type of job/service which is in huge demand right now. Basically, you will look after houses and pets of people who are absent. Yes, you won’t earn money but you will get accommodation for free. Before you start making excuses, remember that you can stay in a home for 6 months for free. It happens when a homeowner has a long business travel. In most cases, you can even get a vehicle at your disposal. The steps you need to complete are simple and easy.

Become a house sitter

The first step is to become a house sitter. We highly recommend you to start with your family members. Not in goal to help them, but rather to earn great feedback and references. With or without this. The goal is to create a profile and to apply for ‘’jobs’’.

Make sure to include as many references as possible and to include your pet sitting skills as well. Most homeowners will use this service just because they have pets, so make sure you can take care of a cat or a dog.

All of the websites we mentioned have an annual fee, but it is between $20 and $60. At the beginning, you may want to start with house sitting of just a few days and look after houses which are close to your resident. Once you are done, you became a house sitter.

house sitter

Be fast and smart

Always perform a wide search, meaning that you will be looking homes in the entire city or a state you can look after. Limiting search to just one part of a city isn’t a smart decision.

Then, you will have to react fast. Great homes are a priority of many, so they will be acquired by the fastest home sitters. For example, you should apply for a job in a few minutes since it was posted, exchange messages straightaway and make a deal on the following day.

Be fast and smart

Stay a professional house sitter

Keep in mind that you will get a feedback of the homeowners, which is something you should pay attention to. A poor feedback will make sure you don’t sit a new house ever again!

Luckily, a great feedback is easy to get. All you have to do is to look after a home as you would your own. Always follow the guidelines of the homeowner and make sure you have his contacts in a case you need him urgently.

professional house sitter

Start local and move to global

You should start with the local house sitting, which we already mentioned. Once you develop a great profile, with dozens of references, you can apply for house sitting in luxury and desirable locations.

One way which can speed up to the process is to offer your services as a couple. Most homeowners trust more to couples.


In general, you can expect to save up to $10.000 per year, on free accommodations only. Once you have developed a perfect profile, you can travel the world while house sitting.